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  • 1

    Introduction to this course...

    • Welcome to your course

    • Free FACEBOOK group

    • Downloads

  • 2

    What are Creative Therapeutic Visualisations?

    • Introduction to Creative Therapeutic Visualisations

  • 3

    Using visualisations in the therapy room...

    • Introducing CTV's to your client

    • Adapting your CTV when working with trauma and setting the room

    • Using grounding tools

  • 4

    Creative Therapeutic Visualisations

    • Jump right in!

    • Journey to your Inner Well

    • Deepened relaxation - relax, relax, relax

    • A Journey to Letting Go

    • Gardens of Manifestation

    • Journey back to the Playful Child Within

    • Healing Bubbles

    • The transformation of the anxious little plant

    • Walking with your Guardian Angel

    • The 5 Minute Grounding Sound Bath

  • 5

    Exploratory Questioning

    • Using questioning to deepen the experience

  • 6

    Reading, Research & Additional Links

    • Find out more!

  • 7

    RECORDING: LIVE Q & A Members Facebook Session

    • Q & A Session One

  • 8

    Download Your PDF Guides

    • Client Assessment Sheet Download for preparing for CTVS's

    • The Garden of Abundance

    • The Little Train

    • The Transformation of the Anxious Little Plant

    • Walking with Your Guardian Angel

    • The 5 Minute Grounding Sound Bath

    • Journey to Your Inner Well

    • Healing Bubbles

    • Coming home to playfulness

    • Deepened Relaxation

  • 9

    Your Proof of CPD Download

    • Congratulations! Here is your CPD proof!

  • 10

    The Wrap Up

    • Next Steps

    • Your Thoughts Are Important To Us!

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